Volume 1

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  • Devon Varoz, explores his personal experience in a unique and thought-provoking way, moving from his early typewriter experiences to his early experiments with a word processor and finally to his fasci­nation with Warhol’s Factory.
  • Siena Pinney reflects on the challenges of shooting her first documentary, Fire in Gold Hill, about a small Colorado town in the aftermath of a destructive wild fire.
  • Katrina (Trina) Stewart’s literature review examines reasons why homeless women are so often separated from their children and, in the process, exposes the cyclical nature of homelessness and family dissolution.
  • Matt Gotlin-Sheehan also analyzes social issues in a provocative essay that looks at how social networking sites, like Facebook, can fuel activism.
  • Tanya Smith argues in a witty essay that Tina Fey—writer, actor, and lover of cupcakes—is the ultimate role model for successful women.
  • Whitney Harkness also selects a prominent figure for analysis, though she takes a historical approach, looking at Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his famous Fireside Chats.
  • Jordon Parker offers a close reading of a visual text, a painting by Colorado artist Daniel Sprick that evokes possibilities, ways of seeing, connotations.