Volume 2

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  • Emily Angel questions whether media representations of Michael Jordan create a glorified figure that exists only in consumer’s minds.
  • Sonia Crosby-Attipoe traces out the personal — or political — meanings of hair, calling us to reflect on the intersection of text, community, and individual experiences.
  • Cicely Galm writes an autobiographical memoir to re-animate memories of her grandmother and disrupts/connects those (neural) pathways with research in history and medicine.
  • Nicole Krechevsky addresses fans’ engagement with a fictitious sibling relationship, raising provocative questions about social norms related to gender, sexuality, and even incest.
  • Tuong Vi Nguyen unearths the social and nutritional benefit of garden projects on students, supported by her own case study at Fairview Elementary in west Denver.
  • Susanna Park explores the meaning and power of our hands by opening up her own family’s stories with joyful and informative writing– extending the seemingly insignificant idea of the hand to real depth.
  • Sara Schwartzkopf uses statistical analysis to explore student attitudes toward the institution’s goal of inclusive excellence, as well as the factors that influence these attitudes.
  • Jonathan Seals unites the narrative of his own academic career with research on educational trends to give us a micro- and macroscopic view of the American educational system and its achievement gap.
  • Katherine Thomas tackles gender stereotypes and hetero-normative structures by engaging scholarly literature surrounding historical and present-day athletic organizations.

Spotlight on Student Editors