Volume 3

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  • Katie Beisel savors sweet dumplings, connecting her love of 18th and 19th century ‘jams’ with a scholarly study of music.
  • Shem Kikamaze correlates education and poverty in Uganda, raising awareness about stereotypes and the potential for change.
  • Angus Kitchell reinterprets the comic, Calvin and Hobbes, exploring its cultural significance through the lens of Thoreau and Zhuangzi.
  • Emily Krebs challenges our perspectives and encourages us to look beyond what we see in popular culture.
  • Gabriel Rusk enters a long-standing philosophical debate, engaging in dialogue with prominent theorists of law.
  • Caroline Stephens engages in extensive research to explore the psychological implications of cultural differences.
  • Viktor Stigson investigates recent controversies in sports news by applying classical sociological concepts.
  • Meg Swartley guides us through the world of steampunk, sharing with us the potential in combining the old with the new.

Spotlight on Student Editors